Preparing and Making “Pasteli”, a Greek sweet…


Letter to the Mayor

Dear Mr Mayor,

We belong to the Comenius team of the First High School of Corfu. In the Comenius program participate, apart from our team, pupils from secondary schools from Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland and Turkey.

In one part of the program concerning our leisure time, we were asked to write down our suggestions about the improvement of the facilities of our city, so that our free time would be more creative and safe.

With this opportunity we would like to ask you the following:

  • In the existing squares and parks we would like you to create small football fields and basketball courts.
  • We suggest that a youth centre be founded in abandoned buildings of our town where we could do various creative activities such as chess, library, table tennis etc.
  • Finally, because many of our friends get around riding their bicycles, we ask you to make the bicycle lanes safer.


Thank you for your consideration!

The Comenius group of the 1st High School of Corfu.

The Cookbook is available!

International cookbook web ver

Greek Food: Bean Soup cooking…


Energy policy and clean energies in Greece

Watch the video of our presentaion in Bielefeld, Germany.

The Greek presentation in Bielefeld, Germany



The Greek Team to Bielefeld…


1st Photo: Ifigeneia Rakopoulou (Manager and Headmaster of our school), Melissas Miltiadis (Sub-manager), Despoina Chatzaki (Teacher of the German language)

Photos 6-11: Our students of the 1st Gimnasio Corfu, Greece participated to this visit.


“Green” Village: Third project in Bielefeld, Germany

This was the third and the greatest project in Bielefeld. Here is our construction: The Split Rock Photovoltaic Lighthouse.

There were some other great ideas too, as you can see in this photo gallery below:



Second Project: Renewable Energy Sources Paintings in Bielefeld, Germany

Comenius Projects 2012-2014.

This was the second out of the three projects in Bielefeld, Germany. The students under the instructions of the German team designed those beautiful paintings regarding Renewable Sources Energies (RES).

The Greek Team in action…Final results. We must admit that all the other paintings from German, Poland, Turkey, Denmark and Italy were also gorgeous!!! Thanks to all students and teachers contributing to this great project!!!


Yamie Poster: First project in Bielefeld, Germany

Comenius 2012-2014

This was one of the three construction projects during our visit in Bielefeld, Germany. The poster was made by smashed tiles on a big wooden board. Thanks to all students from Germany, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Italy and Turkey for their excellent work!!!

Thanks goes especially to the German team who organized and instructed the whole project!


Our visit to Bielefeld, Germany

Comenius project “You and me in Europe” 2012-2014